Mystery of Desire - Spicy Choco Chai

Mystery of Desire - Spicy Choco Chai

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What happens between no interest and awakening of desire? One minute, your interest is resting comfortably; the next minute, it seems to invade every cell. Is it chemical? An aroma that takes you back to another time? A disturbance in the electromagnetic field? Perhaps some things are better left unknown. We celebrate the mystery of desire.. and the mystery of chocolate and chilli too.

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Delivery date: Thursday, 21.10.2021

Producer: Hari Tea

Herb and Spice Infusion, with cocoa shells.

Cocoa shells* (54%), anise*, blackberry leaf*, cornflower*, ginger*, hibiscus*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, coconut*, lavender flowers*, chilli pepper* (1%), vanilla* (1%), natural flavour, rose petals*. * = organic and dried

10 Tea Bags – 20 g / 5-6 minutes – 100°C

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