CHILLI MANUFAKTURA - Original Home-made Products

CHILLI MANUFAKTURA - Original Home-made Products

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Here you will find a number of different spicy products, we have a wide range of chilli products for you, such as sauces, dried chillies, gift boxes, chilli sets and gift vouchers for shopping in our e-shop.

We cultivate a number of varieties of chili peppers for you, which we process into real home-made products, which is our specialty. If you are looking for something, be sure to contact us. Our entire offer is cultivate in Slovakia.

Chilli Manufaktura is a Slovak family farm with the cultivation of chili peppers and the traditional processing of vegetables and fruits. It is a model of honest food production - chili sauces, chilli extracts and dried chilli spices, all inspired by traditionally processed natural raw materials of our region.

varenie čili

Natural products that do not contain any substances, chemical preservatives, thickeners, added refined sugar or any starches will certainly find their place and popularity on your table, too - 100% NATURAL.

In our offer you will find various hot gourmet delicacies, especially in the form of homemade chili sauces and grounded chilli in separate packages or in gift packages, we have also prepared a number of chilli sets for you.



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