SPIRIT chili sauce 100ml

SPIRIT chili sauce 100ml

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SPIRIT - chili sauce with peas is inspired by the legendary Slovak brigand (robbing the rich to give to the poor), who (according to a narrative) was catched when he slipped on a peas, which was thrown under his feet by an evil old woman. So we "threw" a little peas into the sauce with chili Habanero, C.Reaper, Jalapeno and an excellent spicy delicacy was created. Hottness - strong (extra).

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Producer: Chilli Manufaktura

SPIRIT chili sauce 100ml

Ingredients: chili peppers (Habanero, C.Reaper, Jalapeno), peas, tomatoes, vinegar, honey, salt, onion, garlic, spices.

Use: We recommend especially for poultry and pork, fish, cheese, grilled vegetables, vegetable salads, etc.

Country of origin: Slovakia

Packaging: 100 ml

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